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Dan Goldfarb, Director of Photography:
- Every shot in video or film must say something as in still photography. There is no such thing as “b roll”. Always ask what the motivation is for each shot and or scene from your writer or producer.

Game Shop: Behind the Scenes Photos
Enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and stills by members of the crew throughout production.

Music: Aballon Sayo by Boris Grebenshikov and Russian-Abyssinian Orchestra
For any Russian, Boris Grebenschikov (BG) will need no introdution: As the governing genius behind the category-defying Russian rock-reggae-blues-folk collective Aquarium (Akvarium), he's been a dominant figure on the Russian music scene for nearly 30 years.

International Press: Die Stütze Magazine in Berlin
"Yuri Shapochka aus der Ukraine entführt den Betrachter in virtuelle Welten, in denen sich der selbstmordgefährdete Verkäufer eines Videospielshops zwischen der imaginären Welt der Videospiele und der Wirklichkeit verliert." (Feb 2006, Page 12)
Feb 2006 Issue of Die Stütze, PDF

Game Shop at The Roma Independent Film Festival
RIFF has always been characterised by its strong international orientation, and has been presenting the Roman audience with films coming from over 70 countries, including national, European and world premieres.
Game Shop at The RIFF Movies Archive - contemporary shorts