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Alik Antselevich
Game Shop clerk

The Russian theatre practitioner Alik Antselevich was born in Moscow Russia. Working out of Russia until his immigration to America, his method of acting and ideas about theatre were strongly influenced by his belief in The Stanislavski System. According to Stanislavski, an important aspect of building a character pertains to the subtext. For Alik, known for his emotion-based acting technique, the subtext is the inward life of a human spirit that constantly flows under the words of a role. Words are only a part of a given moment on stage, and are related to thoughts, bodily expressions, and images.

Natasha Reshetnikova
The Girl

Natasha Reshetnikova was born in St. Petersburg Russia. She started her acting career at the age of four. She appeared in numerous movies, working with the best directors and actors. In 1996 she was invited to play a grand Duchess Tatiana in HBO film "Rasputin" directed by Uli Edel with Alan Rickman, Ian McKellenand and Greta Scacchi. Soon after she moved to the US where she continued her modeling career. Now she works with the top modeling agencies in the US and Europe.