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Game Shop


"Stunningly provocative"
- Shari Aizenman

"...excellent visual concept"
- Beverly Lloyd

Welcome to the official website of Game Shop - an experimental film containing a montage of metaphores and rhythms that create a hallucinatory effect. The surreal visions of the Game Shop are an offbeat mix of nightmare-tinged fantasies, all set to life in a series of abstruse set pieces.

A suicidal salesman of a video game store is lost in between the imaginary world of video games and the reality. He tries to escape from the technology nightmare to find his love and freedom. Game Shop showcases a vision of quivering characters and surreal music in a shadowy, self-contained dream world.

Directed by Yuri Shapochka. Cinematography by Dan Goldfarb. Starring Alik Antselevich and Natasha Reshetnikova.
2006. USA. 5 Min. B&W. Silent with music score.